Road Rage: Without Law Enforcement Taiwan’s Jekylls Become Hydes

Taiwan’s motorists wait at the intersection of civility and chaos for effective law enforcement to change from red to green

The News Lens
Date: 2017/06/16
By: Wayne Pajunen

Usually well-mannered Taiwanese are widely recognised as friendly people, ever willing to help with

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / 達志影像

directions often even walking a lost traveler to their destination. However, when essential laws are not enforced a frightening number of customarily considerate Jekylls transform into terrorizing Hydes.

Aspects of Taiwanese society are analogous to the 19th century Scottish novella “Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.” A classic tale described as, “An examination of the duality of human nature, an inner struggle between good and evil or civilization versus barbarism.”

Robert Louis Stevenson’s good-natured Dr. Jekyll is transformed to dangerous self-indulgent Mr. Hyde by a well-intended serum gone wrong. Likewise, what may have originally been well-meaning indifferent applications of Taiwan’s laws have only condoned lawlessness fomenting uncivilized Hyde-like alter egos detrimental to civil society.

Taiwanese and Canadians are generally considered friendly peoples and both nations also share well-maintained roads but when driving in Taiwan a chilling divergence of experience prevails.

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