School forced to postpone former comfort woman’s graduation

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2015/12/30
By: Chang Jung-hsiang and Elizabeth Hsu

Taipei, Dec. 30 (CNA) The National Tainan Girls’ Senior High School in Tainan,

Hsiao Tao Ah-ma (小桃阿嬤)

Hsiao Tao Ah-ma (小桃阿嬤)

southern Taiwan had to call off a plan to present a commemorative graduation certificate Thursday to a 93-year-old who was forced into sexual slavery by Japanese forces during World War II, the school said Wednesday.

The presentation had to be postponed because Hsiao Tao Ah-ma (小桃阿嬤) has taken ill and has been admitted to a hospital, a spokesman for the high school said.

To prevent disturbing her, the school will conduct the conferral after the “Ah-ma” (which means grandma in Taiwanese) is feeling better, the spokesman said.     [FULL  STORY]

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