Screw China!

Date: June 18, 2015
By: EyeOnTaiwan Editor

Recently I commented on an article in by Stephen Harner entitled “How To Solve The ‘Taiwan Problem’ in U.S.-China Relations“.  The following is my comment to his article:

I have an even better suggestion.  Instead of kowtowing to large corporate greed the US Government should get some balls and NOT agree to the “One China” policy.  The only reason we agreed to “One China” is to allow our large, multinational corporations to take advantage of cheap China labor.  Thus, taking jobs away from Americans.

Unfortunately most Americans are ignorant when it comes to the China-USA relations.  Most have no idea how their jobs got exported to China.  I say screw China and instead of letting our corporations enrich China and it’s military, build up Taiwan and warn China that they will be annihilated if they even try to overthrow Taiwan.

Why is it that we trade with Communist China and Communist Viet Nam but bristle at the thought of trading with Communist Cuba? Could it be because big corporate interests enjoy the cheap labor from China and Viet Nam but heretofore not Cuba?


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