Senior citizens must pass 3 tests to renew driver’s license

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2017/06/20
By: Chen Cheng-wei and S.C. Chang

Taipei, June 20 (CNA) Starting on July 1, motorists aged 75 and older will receive notifications

CNA file photo

informing them they need to pass cognitive and physical coordination tests within three years to have their licenses renewed, the Directorate General of Highways (DGH) said on Tuesday.

The new measure means those born on July 1, 1942 or earlier will receive a notice instructing them to present a physical examination report and pass three tests, no later than their 78th birthday. In the first year, about 70,000 people will be affected.

Those who have violated traffic rules and received “demerits” or whose driver’s license has been revoked must apply for a new one within three months of receiving the notification.

Motorists who receive a notification but do not apply for a new license or return their existing driver’s license before the age of 78, will be fined between NT$1,800 (US$59.10) and NT$3,600.

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