Shezidao residents to be resettled before renovation

DRIVEN AWAY:The Land Development Agency said the 4,500 planned units can accommodate the residents, and stressed the preservation of historic and religious sites

Taipei Times
Date: Aug 22, 2017
By: Lee I-chia / Staff reporter

Residents are to be resettled before construction begins on Shilin District’s (士林) Shezidao (社子島) peninsula in Taipei, the city’s Department of Land Administration said yesterday.

About a dozen people gathered by the Organization of Urban Re-s (OURs) — an association dedicated to reformation for fair and reasonable usage of urban space — yesterday morning held a banner outside Taipei City Hall that read “Shezidao wants development, not zonal expropriation of the whole area.”

The city government in February last year used its “i-Voting” online polling platform to allow Shezidao residents to decide the direction of the peninsula’s development, OURs said.

Although the “Ecological Shezidao” plan gained the most votes, only 35.16 percent of eligible voters took part in the poll, the group said.    [FULL  STORY]

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