Shihlien Chemical: a world leader in eco-friendly soda ash production

The China Post
Date: April 26, 2017
By: Kuan-lin Liu

Sodium carbonate, commonly known as soda ash, is one of the main components in

The Shihlien Soda Ash Plant is seen in this file photo. (Courtesy of Shihlien Chemical Industrial)

making glass. Shihlien Chemical Industrial Jiangsu Company, a vertical integration of the Taiwan Glass Group, supplies over 600,000 tons of high quality soda ash to Taiwan Glass annually. It is understood that Shihlien Chemical’s current facility of one million tons soda ash and ammonium chloride in annual capacity is the world’s largest single production line of its kind utilizing the Combined-soda Process.

Soda ash is one of most widely produced and used commodity chemical. It serves as the basic ingredient for many chemical processes, and is in large demand in various industries, particularly from the glass, metallurgical, textile, petrochemical, and food sector. With the importance of soda ash in both industrial and civil applications, a country’s production and usage of soda ash are, according to Shihlien Chemical Industrial, indicative of a country’s industrial development.    [FULL  STORY]

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