Singaporeans Enraged as Taiwan Variety Show ‘Degrades’ Caning

Singaporeans say a Taiwanese TV show has ‘defamed’ their country’s judicial system and that caning is crucial in maintaining social order in Singapore.

The News Lens
Date: 2016/10/04
By: Yuan-ling Liang

Taiwan variety show “Super Follower” (小明星大跟班) held a mock debate on Sept. 21 discussing mtibr841g6wau18hgt0gd0qi438ctlseveral social issues. One of the topics was whether or not Taiwan should adopt caning in criminal law.

At one point during the program, Ma Xi-ping (馬西屏), a regular on the show, said, “No country aside from Singapore uses caning as a form of punishment.”

“There are plenty of ways to improve order in a society and caning is one of the worst,” Ma said. “It is regarded by international organizations to be the cruelest and most inhumane penalty.”

Wang Rei-de (王瑞德), another regular on the show, said caning was a human rights violation.     [FULL  STORY]

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