Six Local Craft Beer Houses in Taipei

Catch the wave of Taiwanese craft beer.

The News Lens
Date: 2017/08/19

All photos are courtesy of Good Eye Taipei.

For an authentic taste of Taiwan, Taiwanese craft beer is a must-have. The majority of Taiwan’s famous breweries are located close to Taipei, providing easy access to freshly brewed craft beers for locals.

“Good Eye Taipei,” a new bilingual Taipei city guide, recommends North Taiwan Beer’s Lychee beer and Le Ble d’Or’s classic honey beer — which was awarded first place in the World Beer Cup. Of the younger local brands, Head Brewers, is famous for infusing craft beer with Taiwanese tea. Their Guyu tea ale is brewed with Longjing Oolong, and Liqiu is brewed with Oriental Beauty tea. Alchemist is another beer brand famous for using local ingredients.

Way Home Beer House

No. 10, Lane 155, Section 3, Bade Rd, Taipei City.

“A beer house that feels like home – if only you had six hundred types of beer at home!”









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