Small allies burden for Taiwan: Hsu

‘UP TO CHINA’:Taiwan is at a ‘distinct’ disadvantage when it comes to competing with Beijing over the retention of its diplomatic allies, Hsu Hsin-liang said

Taipei Times
Date: Dec 23, 2016
By: Jake Chung / Staff writer, with CNA

Having small nations as diplomatic allies is a burden for Taiwan, Foundation on Asia-Pacific Peace

Former Democratic Progressive Party chairman Hsu Hsin-liang speaks to reporters at a seminar at the Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs in Taipei yesterday. Photo: Huang Yao-cheng, Taipei Times

Studies chairman Hsu Hsin-liang (許信良) said yesterday.

Hsu’s remark came after Sao Tome and Principe on Wednesday announced that it is cutting diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

Hsu, a former chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), was speaking at a seminar hosted by the foundation regarding questions over whether the Sao Tomean government’s actions will cause a cascade of diplomatic allies severing ties with Taiwan.

Any competition with China over diplomatic allies is at a distinct disadvantage, and in the end, it is up to China how many diplomatic allies we can keep, Hsu said.

We cannot do anything about it if China makes such a decision, but “the nation would very much welcome it if China attempted to take away all of Taiwan’s diplomatic allies,” Hsu said, but added that Beijing would not do such a thing.

Hsu said that having small nations as diplomatic allies is not a good thing, as they impose too much of a burden, adding that losing them “is not really important.”    [FULL  STORY]

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