Software engineer bumps civil servant as dream job

Taipei Times
Date: Mar 01, 2016
By: Staff writer, with CNA

Software engineer has become the top-ranked dream job in Taiwan this year among those seeking to change jobs after the Lunar New Year holiday, replacing civil servant, according to an online analysis by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Being a civil servant has long been seen as a secure job with a stable income, but the relatively high benefits for public servants have drawn criticism more recently, limiting interest in pursuing a government job, a report on the analysis said.

The analysis was aimed at identifying the 10 most wanted jobs among Internet users seeking to change jobs after receiving their year-end bonuses and relaxing during their Lunar New Year holiday.

The ministry used scripts to establish a database that stored online articles and conducted context analysis using keywords in the database.

The analysis on the job change preferences of Internet users was conducted on data collected from Feb. 1 to Tuesday last week. Most of the favored jobs share common elements, such as a promising future, high salaries or large year-end bonuses.     [FULL  STORY]

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