Some students aren’t happy that a type of lettuce is nicknamed ‘mainland girl

The China Post
Date: June 9, 2017
By: The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — “Mainland girl” has long been a colloquial name for Fukuyama lettuce in Taiwan, but a group of students from Taipei National University of the Arts want the public to ditch the name, which they say has racist and sexist connotations.

The “mainland girl” name is so common that many people don’t know that its proper name is Fukuyama lettuce or the origin of the colloquialism.

According to the students behind the movement, the term “mainland girl” was used in the 1980s to denote prostitutes and other Chinese women who came to Taiwan illegally.

Over time, with Taiwan’s induction into the World Trade Organization, different produce, including Fukuyama lettuce, made its way into Taiwan.    [FULL  STORY]

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