Stamp exhibition in Tainan revisits ‘Republic of Formosa’

Taipei Times
Date: June 16, 2017

TAIPEI, Taiwan — An exhibition featuring historic stamps and artifacts kicked off Friday in Tainan,


revisiting the five-month period of “the Republic of Formosa,” also known as “the Republic of Taiwan” on the island in 1895.

The five-day exhibition is running at the Old Japanese Patriotic Women’s Association building, where a total of 70 exhibits are on display, said the Chunghwa Post Co. The exhibits include rare collections from three stamp collectors, it added.

Historic stamps used in the Republic of Formosa have rarely been displayed publicly, and only a few were on display at the World Stamp Championship Exhibition in Taipei last year, Chunghwa Post said, adding that the Tainan exhibition is the first to showcase an array of stamps and artifacts from that period.

It chose to hold the event in Tainan because the southern city was the last base of the Republic of Formosa, it said.    [FULL  STORY]

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