State-run enterprises to help advance New Southbound Policy

Taiwan Today
Date: December 30,2016

President Tsai Ing-wen said Dec. 28 that state-run companies will help spearhead efforts to expand

Taiyen Chairman Chen Chi-yu (right) and the president of Thai cosmetics and health foods company SaveMor International display a cooperation agreement Nov. 3 in southern Taiwan’s Tainan City. (Courtesy of Taiyen)

business ties with South and Southeast Asia under the New Southbound Policy, paving the way for Taiwan’s small and medium enterprises to capitalize on opportunities in the target regions.

Tsai made the comments during a weekly meeting of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party’s Central Executive Committee focused on the New Southbound Policy. The president also serves as DPP chairperson.

Minister without Portfolio Deng Chen-chung, who heads the Executive Yuan’s Office of Trade Negotiations, the agency responsible for coordinating the policy, attended the meeting to update committee members on the progress of the initiative.

Deng said that several state-run enterprises are already exploring cooperative arrangements with businesses in the regions. He cited as an example efforts by Taiyen Biotech Co., a majority government-owned former salt manufacturer headquartered in southern Taiwan’s Tainan City, to expand its operations in Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia and Thailand.    [FULL  STORY]

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