Stock market fundamentals strong despite coronavirus fears: MOF

Focus Taiwan
Date: 01/29/2020
By: Yeh Su-ping and Matthew Mazzetta

Taipei, Jan. 29 (CNA) The fundamentals of Taiwan's stock market remain strong, despite fears surrounding the spread of a new form of coronavirus that have sent international markets tumbling in recent days, Deputy Finance Minister Juan Ching-hua (阮清華) said Wednesday.

In an interview, Jung, who also serves as Executive Secretary of the National Stabilization Fund, said the ministry will keep a close watch when the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) reopens Thursday for the first day of trading since Jan. 20.

Although the TWSE is a "thin market," and subject to short-term, news-driven fluctuations, investors should have confidence that "Taiwan's fundamentals are quite strong," Jung said.

According to Jung, both government and private observers have issued positive economic growth forecasts, citing factors including the repatriation of assets, growth in direct investments from abroad and beneficial supply chain shifts.    [FULL  STORY]

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