Supreme Court Rejects Former Tainan City Councilor’s Request

ICRT Radio News
Date: 2019-02-01

The Supreme Court has rejected a former Tainan City Councilor’s request to be
permitted to leave the country.

Li Quan-jiao was convicted of corruption after prosecutors indicted him for
bribing some of his colleagues when he ran for the speaker’s position in

The Tai-nan District Court not only sentenced him to four years in prison and
a fine of 15-million NT, but banned him from exiting the country as well.

Li’s case is still pending in the Supreme Court, but his request to lift the
ban for 7 days so that he can travel to China to handle personal affairs has
been turned down.

Li argues that he owns 90 pieces of real estate worth a total value of 260
million NT in Taiwan, so it’s unlikely for him to become a fugitive, but the
Court insists that he stay put.    [SOURCE]

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