Taichung City sees code red air quality warning

Radio Taiwan International 
Date: 08 November, 2018
By: Jake Chen

Taichung City sees code red air quality warning

Taichung City in central Taiwan saw some of its worst pollution on Wednesday morning. A code red air quality warning was issued and the government resorted to cutting power plant output to lessen the problem.

The residents of Taichung City woke up to grey skies and poor visibility on Wednesday morning. Heavy smog loomed over the city, and many had to wear facemasks as they commuted to work.

Most of the air quality monitoring stations placed at various locations has detected Air Quality Index (AQI) figures of above 151, the threshold for a code red air quality alert. This air quality could cause harm to one’s heart and respiratory system.

The Taichung City Government said they have reduced the output of the city’s main coal-fired power plants by 150 megawatts, and they are looking to reduce it even further. The government also claimed that a number of atmospheric factors, such as high humidity and low wind speed, have made it hard for smog to disperse.    [FULL  STORY]

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