Taichung girls school students demand right to wear shorts

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2015/10/07
By: Chao Li-yen and Lilian Wu

Taipei, Oct. 7 (CNA) National Taichung Girls Senior High School students wore shorts to 45592480school Wednesday or switched to shorts in front of the school to underscore their demand for the right to wear shorts.

Responding to a “wear shorts to school today” campaign on Facebook, students wore shorts or changed into them when they started to arrive at school at 7 a.m.

They were immediately marked down for violating school regulations on dress code by drillmasters. If marked down four times, the students will get a warning or be forced into doing school service.

The students have been demanding the right to wear shorts. Last week during a flag-raising ceremony, scores of them removed their skirts to display shorts underneath, shouting the slogans “equal rights for men and women” and “it’s no sin to wear shorts.”     [FULL  STORY]

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