Taipei confirms its first serious enterovirus case

Taipei Times
Date: Jan 27, 2019
By: Lee I-chia  /  Staff reporter

A two-year-old child was the first person this year to experience serious complications

Students at a Taoyuan school wash their hands to help prevent the spread of enteroviruses on Dec. 28 last year.  Photo: Wei Chin-yun, Taipei Times

due to an enterovirus infection, the Taipei Department of Health said on Friday, urging people to take precautions amid heightened enterovirus activity.

The department said the child and was immediately hospitalized after seeking treatment for a fever and an oral ulcer on Jan. 4.

On Jan. 6, the child was not walking steadily, was sleepy, was experiencing involuntary twitching of the muscles and had a rapid heart rate, so was admitted to an intensive care unit, the department said.

The Centers for Disease Control confirmed that the child was diagnosed with Coxsackievirus A10, but has now recovered and has been discharged from hospital.

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