Taipei flower market to stay open 108 hours to meet holiday demand

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 14 January, 2020
By: John Van Trieste

A Taipei flower market is getting ready for a major holiday rush.

The Lunar New Year holiday is approaching, and shoppers across Taiwan are stocking up on food and supplies to get ready.

New Year’s shopping lists vary from household to household, but flowers are one item common to many of them. In the Taipei area at least, shoppers looking for flowers this time of the year are in luck.

Festive flowers are a hit in Taiwan any time of year, but around the Lunar New Year holiday, flower sales see a big uptick. That’s because certain flowers are thought to symbolize a year of luck.

To deal with this big seasonal demand, Taipei’s Jianguo Holiday Flower Market is staying open for 108 hours straight. From midnight on January 20 to noon on January 24—Lunar New Year’s Eve—there will be flowers around the clock.    [FULL  STORY]

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