Taipei Library must pay violinist NT$1.67 m. after finger accident

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2015/12/21
By: Page Tsai and Lilian Wu

Taipei, Dec. 21 (CNA) The Taipei District Court ruled Monday that the Taipei Public Library should pay NT$1.67 million (US$50,760) in compensation to a violinist after a faulty gate on its premises cut her finger.

According to the plaintiff, surnamed Chiang, who is a professional violinist and pianist, she was invited to perform at the library in September 2013. But as she was preparing to step out of the room to perform, the gate immediately closed after being opened, injuring her right hand.

She was forced to have part (指節) of her thumb amputated, while her second finger suffered a fracture.

She later filed a lawsuit to ask for compensation of NT$1.87 million, including her medical bills.

The library said at that time that the gate was functioning normally and that there was no management or facility negligence. Moreover, security personnel did not see Chiang seeking medical treatment.     [FULL  STORY]

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