Taipei official, architects’ group bicker on Facebook

Taipei Times
Date: May 29, 2015
By: Abraham Gerber  /  Staff reporter

An online argument broke out late on Wednesday night between a Taipei City official and an architect’s group over the city’s handling of the Taipei Dome scandal.

A Facebook account bearing the name of Taipei City Department of Urban Development Commissioner Lin Jou-min (林洲民) was observed posting a series of apparently angry comments to the “Architecture Reform” (建築改革社) Facebook usergroup, which serves as a discussion board for professional architects.

Lin is a professional architect and managed his own company before joining the Taipei City Government.

In his post, Lin stated several “recommendations” for board discussion, in response to criticism of the city government’s handling of the Taipei Dome project.

“Brother Shih (史兄) — if I may, all you have posted on the Web site, I SAY THEY ARE ALL CHEAP SHOTS!” Lin said, apparently in response to previous comments by Shih Jih-shen (史季生) criticizing his interpretation of the city’s appropriate legal role in relation to the Taipei Dome project.

Lin’s department was directly responsible for a city order to immediately halt the Dome’s construction last week, as well as negotiations over the partial resumption of “pre-approved construction” thereafter.     [FULL  STORY]

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