Taipei police officer helps Thai tourists retrieve purse using Instagram

Taipei police are known for their high efficiency in helping out foreign visitors

Taiwan News
Date: 2019/05/30
By: Huang Tzu-ti, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

Photo/Taipei City Police Department

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Taipei police officer managed to help three Thai tourists traveling in the capital Taipei earlier this month retrieve a lost wallet – through the social media Instagram.

On May 17, three visitors from Thailand reported to the police that one of them had lost a purse on a bus when touring Taipei. The visitors, apparently in a state of panic and unacquainted with the streets of Taipei, failed to provide information about the bus routes they had taken.

Then it suddenly dawned on an officer surnamed Ting at a police station in the Zhongshan Precinct that social media might help reveal the whereabouts of the travelers onboard the bus if any one of them had used the cellphone to film the street scenes and posted the video on social networking platforms.

It turned out that one of the three visitors happened to shoot a short clip of Taipei streets using the popular photo and video-sharing app Instagram, and the sharp-eyed officer, scrutinizing the video, spotted reflections on a building that revealed the “identity” of the bus they had been riding – the bus number.    [FULL  STORY]

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