Taipei rally draws about 100 temples

PROTEST TO CARNIVAL:Temple groups reached a compromise with the government that only one stick of incense would be used in each burner

Taipei Times
Date: Jul 24, 2017
By: Lee I-chia / Staff reporter

Religious troupes with divine palanquins from about 100 temples across the nation

Local god puppets gather at Liberty Plaza in Taipei yesterday during a march protesting against the government’s plan to reduce burning incense at temples. Photo: Chiang Ying-ying, AP

yesterday paraded through the streets of Taipei in a rally that was initiated to protest a rumored government policy to ban incense burning, but was later defined as a “religious carnival.”

Rally organizers estimate that about 50,000 people gathered at Liberty Plaza in front of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall at about 2pm before marching toward Ketagalan Boulevard with “holy generals” and temple staff carrying divine palanquins.

Onlookers lined up along the streets to witness the large number of religious troupes gathered in one event, a rare sight, as they are usually only seen at temples during deity pilgrimages.

Some believers knelt down and waited for Matsu’s palanquin to pass over their heads, a ritual that is said to bring good luck and blessings.    [FULL  STORY]

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