Taipei to honor soldiers who fought Japan in 2nd Sino-Japanese War

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2015/05/12
By: Kelven Huang and Maubo Chang

Taipei, May 12 (CNA) President Ma Ying-jeou said Tuesday that his 201505120035t0001administration will honor the soldiers who fought against Japan in the 2nd Sino-Japanese War when it celebrates the Republic of China’s victory over Japan in that war in July.

Two people who helped innocent Chinese and Jews during World War II will also be honored when Taipei marks the 70th anniversary of the Republic of China’s victory over Japan.

Ma told a group of ethnic Chinese who visited him at the Presidential Office that the country owes these old soldiers gratitude for their protection of the ROC, which led the Chinese people in the 1937-1945 war against Japanese aggression.     [FULL  STORY]

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