Taipei Zoo finds missing anteater after three months

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 08 December, 2020
By: Leslie Liao6

Xiao Hong the anteater

Taipei Zoo zookeepers were growing nervous as a missing anteater had not turned up over the past few months. They breathed a sigh of relief last weekend, when someone called in saying they had sighted an anteater in the mountains.

Three months ago, the anteater Xiao Hong mounted a daring escape from her enclosure at the Taipei Zoo. She jumped into a moat with her baby, and made a break for it. Zookeepers found Xiao Hong’s baby, but the anteater mama must have practiced magic in captivity, because she went ‘poof’. Xiao Hong’s daring getaway had zoo staff scratching their heads. Just where did she go? Caretakers were concerned about the impending cold weather and were worried she’d run into wild animals. 

On Sunday, zoo officials received a tip from locals saying an anteater had been spotted in the mountains close to the zoo. They dispatched 36 people to catch Xiao Hong. That might seem excessive, but when you’re dealing with a seasoned escape artist you can’t be too careful. Zookeepers searched the mountains for over an hour before finding Xiao Hong huddled up in a tree. Get in that kennel ya rascal.     [FULL  STORY]

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