Taipei’s largest ‘miaohui’ temple festival kicks off

The temple festival was designated as a cultural asset by the government in 2010

Taiwan News 
Date: 2017/12/07
By: Teng Pei-ju, Taiwan News, Staff Reporter

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – From Thursday to Saturday (December 7-9), one of the three

The Miaohui of the Bangka Qingshan Temple (艋舺青山宮) (Teng Pei-ju / Taiwan News)

biggest miaohui (廟會) or temple festivals in Taipei takes place in the city’s Wanhua District where the procession led by the King of Qingshan (青山王) will deter the evil and bring peace and stability to the locals.

The annual miaohui of the Bangka Qingshan Temple (艋舺青山宮) has a history of more than a century. Built in 1859, the temple has knitted a close bond with local pious people ever since.

The three-day miaohui begins with the “night visits” in the first two days, during which the gods are said to inspect the underworld and capture the evil.

The procession sets out at 3 p.m. from the temple and tours around the south or north of Wanhua District each day. Since the procession makes temporary stops at dozens of temples and shrines along the way, the night visits usually end at midnight.

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