Taipingshan train opens to crowds

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2018-09-20

A mountain train line in Taipingshan, Yilan county opened on Wednesday and many

Taipingshan, Yilan County

people lined up to be the first to ride it after its reopening.

The mountain train in Taipingshan, Yilan County is now up and running again after a six year suspension. The train takes passengers along a 3 kilometer scenic route through Taipingshan, the largest national forest park in Taiwan. The service was suspended twice due to damages from two typhoons. Each of the four yellow trains on the line is decorated with one of Taiwan’s protected species.

There were long lines on Wednesday as many wanted to be among the first to ride the train.  One visitor said he had only been on it once before, so he came to relive the experience. The train opened just in time before the Moon Festival holiday and is offering passengers 50% off tickets through the end of September. The beginning of autumn is a perfect time to enjoy the 20-minute ride through Yilan’s beautiful mountains.

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