Taiwan adjusts film classification for cinemas

Want China Times
Date: 2015-10-21

A revision to regulations governing how films are rated in Taiwan is aimed at

A movie theater in Taoyuan. (File photo/Yang Ming-feng)

A movie theater in Taoyuan. (File photo/Yang Ming-feng)

giving teenagers the chance to see more movies in the theater, an official from the country’s Ministry of Culture said Tuesday.

Films in Taiwan are now being classified into five categories instead of the previous four. The new rules took effect on Oct. 16.

Before the revision, films were rated “restricted” (viewing not permitted for those under 18), “parental guidance” (viewing not permitted for children under 12), “protected” (viewing not permitted for children under six; children between six and 11 must be accompanied by adults), and “general audience” (viewing permitted for audiences of all ages).

Under the new rule, the parental guidance category is divided into two categories: one that bars people under 12 from seeing a movie and the other that bars those under 15 from seeing a movie.     [FULL  STORY]

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