Taiwan-born US Navy Officer Accused of Spying for China

The News Lens
Date: 2016/04/11
By: Jeffrey Tsai

chinaA US Navy officer who was born in Taiwan has been accused of spying for China.

Lieutenant Commander Edward C. Lin faces accusations of writing false


official statements, communicating defense information, taking classified documents out of the United States without permission, falsely reporting his whereabouts upon return to duty, patronizing a prostitute and committing adultery, USNI News has reported.

While some officials connected to the case reportedly mentioned the recipient of the data to be China, the official charge sheet did not say which foreign government received the information – that information remained classified. There has also been speculation that the information may have been transmitted to Taiwan.

Lin, who has been held for the past eight months in a Navy prison in Virginia, was a signals intelligence specialist working with reconnaissance planes. He was also a department head at a squadron in Hawaii. The intelligence-gathering roles may have meant he was in a position to glean sensitive data.     [FULL  STORY]

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