Taiwan consumer group offers to file class action over explosions

People tend to an injured woman at the Formosa Fun Coast amusement park after an explosion in the Pali district of New Taipei City on June 27, 2015.

Asia One
July 4, 2015

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Taiwan’s Consumers’ Foundation (CF) yesterday offered to organise

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

and file a class action suit for the victims of Saturday’s colour dust explosion in New Taipei City, estimating that it could seek compensation ranging from NT$3-4 billion. Government officials, however, stated that it could be too early to discuss a suit as many victims are still undergoing treatment in hospitals.

CF Vice Chairman You Kai-hsiung stated during a press conference held yesterday that the organisation could help organise the suit as well as defray the estimated NT$6,600 in individual legal fees in order to file the suit. The CF said that it had already received phone calls from 30 to 40 individuals, and placed a preliminary estimate for compensation sought at NT$3-4 billion. Other reports indicate the amount could go as high as NT5 billion. It would represent the class action suit with the highest claim to be handled by the consumer advocacy group. Most recently, it has aided consumers in suits pertaining to numerous tainted food scandals.     [FULL  STORY]

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