Taiwan consumes 2.85 billion cups of coffee in 2015

Taiwan News
Date: 2016-10-10
By: Chen Cheng-wen and Frances Huang, Central News Agency

Taipei, Oct. 10 (CNA) Consumers in Taiwan drank 2.85 billion cups of coffee in 2015, which translates into a daily consumption of 780,000 cups, according to statistics released by cafe chain operator Starbucks Taiwan.

According to the statistics, Taiwan imported 28,541 tons of coffee beans in 2015, up 61 percent from 2011, and the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of Taiwan’s coffee bean imports hit 13 percent during the five- year period.

The data shows that Taiwan consumed about 2.85 billion cups of coffee a year in the past five years, or each consumer in Taiwan drank 122 cups of coffee per year during this period.

Starbucks Taiwan said that the growth in coffee consumption has created about NT$70 billion (US$2.22 billion)-worth of business opportunities a year in the local market.     [FULL  STORY]

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