Taiwan court sentences attackers of HK bookseller to 3 to 4 months in jail

Appeals are still possible, but no suspended sentences as Lam is unwilling to forgive his assailants: Court

Taiwan News
Date: 2020/11/18
By Matthew Strong, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

Lam Wing-kee displaying his T-shirt after the attack (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Three men who plotted and executed a paint attack against Hong Kong bookseller and democracy activist Lam Wing-kee (林榮基) received prison sentences ranging from three to four months on Wednesday (Nov. 18).

Appeals are still possible against the ruling by the Taipei District Court, which said it did not issue suspended sentences because Lam had been harmed mentally and physically by the attack and did not want to forgive his assailants.

The main suspect, Cheng Chi-lung (鄭啟龍), was reportedly dissatisfied with Lam’s dissemination of ideas through his Taiwan Causeway Bay bookstore. Through the internet, he collected personal information about Lam and pictures of the bookshop’s neighborhood in Taipei City, CNA reported.

Cheng recruited two brothers, Tseng Shih-cheng (曾士晟) and Tseng Shih-feng (曾士峰), and traveled with them to the area near the bookstore on April 21. As Lam sat down outside a coffee shop to take a drink, Tseng Shih-feng poured red paint from a bottle into a cup and flung it at the bookseller, while his brother took pictures of the attack with his cellphone.   [FULL  STORY]

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