Taiwan donates to Belize Police Department to help upgrade equipment

The Belize Police have used the donation to purchase motorcycles, body cameras, and other equipment 
Taiwan News
Date: 2018/09/29
By: Duncan DeAeth, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

Ambassador Charles Liu providing a portion of the donation in February (Image from Belize Police Dept.)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) –- To demonstrate Taiwan’s staunch commitment to diplomatic ally Belize, Taipei has provided a donation to the Belize Police Department to assist in the procurement of new law enforcement equipment, reports local media.

Taiwan has delivered over US$500 thousand dollars to Belize Police over the past year, which has allowed for significant upgrade for the department. A ceremony to dedicate the new equipment and express gratitude to the Taiwanese government was held at police headquarters in Belize City on Sept. 28.

At a ceremony attended by the national police department’s top brass, and the Taiwanese Ambassador, Charles K.Y. Liu, 100 police motorcycles and other items were formally put into service to the country’s national police department.

The Ambassador was quoted by a local media outlet.    [FULL  STORY]

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