Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu worries about invasion by China

New York Post
Date: December 7, 2020
By: Emily Jacobs

Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph WuEPA

Taiwan believes China intends to invade the island nation, its foreign minister said Monday.

The revelation came from Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu in an interview with the Guardian, in which the nation’s top diplomat urged international unity to prevent Beijing from “expand[ing] its authoritarian order.”

Wu, who has been at the forefront of Taiwan’s ramped-up diplomatic efforts this year, warned that if his country were to “fall prey to China,” it would expand Beijing’s reach into the Indo-Pacific region and severely impact world order.

The Chinese Communist Party views Taiwan as a rogue province and publicly argues it should not be afforded the status granted to sovereign states, such as inclusion in the World Health Organization. The Chinese Communist Party also maintains that Taiwan must one day return to the mainland as an inalienable part of their territory.    [FULL  STORY]

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