Taiwan Hair Salon Covers Swastika Logo After Protesters Urinate in Front of Store

Berlin Hair Salon’s owner says the logo is meant to look like four stylized razors

Date: Sep 23, 2018  
Date: JTA  

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A hair salon in northern Taiwan covered the logos on its store signs, which resemble a swastika, after people angry about the image began urinating and defecating in front of the store in protest.

Hsu Chen-yang, owner of the Berlin Hair Salon in Hsinchu City, told the Taiwan News that he covered the symbols, which he said were supposed to look like four razor blades, with black marker after the protests against the logo grew more intense.

Though Chen-yang claims the logo is meant to look like four stylized razors, a previous version of the hair salon’s logo from last year featured the Reichsadler Imperial Eagle at the top of the image.    [FULL  STORY]

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