Taiwan has other deterrence options besides costly and controversial nuclear weapons

After Ian Easton suggested a nuclear deterrent might be a good move for Taiwan, we look at the negative aspects and consider some alternatives

Taiwan News
Date: 2019/04/05
By: David Spencer, Taiwan News, Contributing Writer


The China Uncensored channel is a terrific source of information about Chinese propaganda and misinformation and also has a knack of asking difficult questions that many other media outlets would not even countenance.

They did exactly this in one of their recent episodes when host Chris Chappell asked renowned US scholar Ian Easton whether Taiwan should have nuclear weapons.

The logic behind the question is a pretty sound one. The justification for all nuclear powers that continue to hold nuclear weapons is that they act as a deterrent. ‘Other countries will not attack us if we have nuclear weapons because of the damage we can cause them in response,’the thinking goes.

In his response, Easton appeared to fall into line behind this logic. “Only a nation that has completely lost its mind and is suicidal is ever going to invade another nation that is armed with nuclear weapons,” he said.    [FULL  STORY]

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