Taiwan “I Believe” video something to be proud of

April13, 2016
By: Editor

I have been to Taiwan many times.  I have grown to love the smells, sights and people of Taiwan.  The Taiwanese have a good reason to be proud.  They have developed the most technologically advanced engineering and manufacturing facilities bar none.  Their democracy has developed into the most democratic in all of Asia.  Their human rights policies are a model that other Asian nations would be smart to follow.  The people of Taiwan are the warmest and friendliest people that you will find anywhere.  And did I mention the food?  The food is to die for.

Sadly I don’t meet the immigration qualifications required under Taiwan’s immigration laws. They are almost as stringent as the USA’s.   If I could, I would immigrate to Taiwan in a heartbeat.  If I could die in Taiwan I would truly believe that my life had been truly full.

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