Taiwan is firing off more than 100 missiles as the Chinese military holds drills nearby

Business Insider
Date: July 31,. 2019
By: Ryan Pickrell

Taiwan’s navy launch a6 surface-to-air SM-2 missile from a Kidd class destroyer during the Hai-Biao (Sea Dart) annual exercises off the northeastern coast of Taiwan, September 26, 2013.
 Associated Press

Taiwan's military is conducting its own military exercises as the Chinese military drills nearby.

  • Taiwan's military is conducting a two-day drill, during which the armed forces will fire off more than one hundred missiles, among which are twelve different weapons.
  • The Chinese military is also conducting its own military drills this week, with Chinese forces training at both ends of the Taiwan Strait.
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Taiwan's military is firing off more than one hundred missiles in a series of live-fire exercises as the Chinese military drills nearby, Taiwan's Central News Agency reports.

During the two-day drill that began on Monday, Taiwan's military will launch 117 missiles, among which are 12 different weapon types with ranges far enough to clear the Taiwan Strait, a strategic waterway that is only 81 miles wide at its narrowest section.

Forty-one missiles were fired off on Monday, CNA reports, citing Ministry of National Defense Deputy Chief of Staff Li Chao-ming.

That same day, Taiwan's F-16 fighters practiced striking landing ships with AGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missiles, exercises crucial to defending their island should Beijing ever decide to invade.

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