Taiwan ‘is prepared to defend itself against China’

The China Post
Date: July 26, 2017
By: The Straits Times/ANN

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwan is prepared to defend itself against China if necessary, its

(Courtesy of the Ministry of National Defense.)

Defense Ministry said in response to recent incidents of Chinese warplanes flying near the island.

China’s military has flown several fighter and reconnaissance aircraft near Taiwan for training exercises in the past few days, said the ministry. Yesterday morning, another People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Xian H-6 bomber was spotted flying very close to Taiwan’s airspace along the island’s west coast.

At a regular briefing yesterday, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) spokesman Chen Chung-chi said that while Taiwan will not resort to any action that “could start a war… we will not back down in the face of threats”.

“The People’s Liberation Army has never given up on the idea of resolving problems through the use of military force,” said Major-General Chen, adding that Taiwan is keeping tabs on the PLA’s movements.    [FULL  STORY]

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