Taiwan Lacks a Plan for Meeting Climate Change Targets

Government plans to bring down greenhouse gases do not go far enough.

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Date: 2018/03/13
By: Timothy Ferry

credit: epa.gov.tw

Although Taiwan is not a member of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and did not sign the Paris Accord, Taiwan has nevertheless developed its own plan to dramatically reduce its carbon footprint in line with international efforts and with an awareness of its own vulnerabilities.

“Taiwan is an island country with high vulnerability to serious and immediate climate change threats,” the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) noted in a written

Photo Credit: 張永泰 @ Wikipedia CC0 Public DomainTaiwan’sTaiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration Minister Lee Ying-yuan claims combating climate change is a top priority.

reply to Taiwan Business TOPICS. “In response to calls for global climate action, Taiwan has passed the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act (GHG Act), followed by the National Climate Change Action Guidelines.”

The GHG Act calls for GHG reduction based on 2005 GHG emissions levels. The GHG Act calls for emissions to decline 5 percent by 2020, 10 percent by 2025, 20 percent by 2030, and 50 percent by 2050. “Taiwan is a member of the global village, and combating climate change is one of the EPA’s top priorities,” says Taiwan EPA Minister Lee Ying-yuan.

The measures are aimed at ensuring Taiwan’s long-term sustainable development while reducing GHG emissions and are “in line with the Paris Agreement,” according to the written statement.    [FULL  STORY]

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