Taiwan Leader’s Bento Exposed

Date: 2016-04-12
By: Web Editor: Huang Yue

Taiwan media has recently publicized the picture of what it claims to be island

A photo of Ma Ying-jeou's bento is publicized by Taiwan media recently. [Photo: Agencies]

A photo of Ma Ying-jeou’s bento is publicized by Taiwan media recently. [Photo: Agencies]

leader Ma Ying-jeou’s bento.

According to Taiwan’s United Daily News, the “dedicated set meals for the senior leaders” include fish, meat and three different kinds of vegetables, and only cost 50 Taiwan dollars, or around 10 yuan.

However, the nutritious bentos can’t be appreciated by every senior officer in Taiwan. Some officials say they get bored after being served with these bentos day after day.

Ma Ying-jeou has been enjoying the set meal for eight years.

The topic has aroused heated discussions on the Internet on the mainland. A netizen from the Chinese mainland says he just came back from Taipei, and a bowl of beef noodles at Taipei’s Night Fair cost him 100 Taiwan dollars (around 20 yuan). He says Ma Ying-jeou’s bento is quite cheap.

Ma Ying-jeou won Taiwan’s leadership in 2008 and will be relieved of his office next month.     [SOURCE]

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