Taiwan may need several years to lower age of majority: Official

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 30 April, 2020
By: John Van Trieste

Deputy Justice Minister Chen Ming-tang appears in this file photo.

Deputy Justice Minister Chen Ming-tang says that Taiwan may need two to three years before it can lower the legal age of majority to 18.

Under current laws, legal adulthood begins at the age of 20. However, there has been a push to lower this age to 18. The Legislature is planning to launch a committee on amending the constitution, which may look at lowering the age of majority. Meanwhile, several lawmakers from different party camps have proposed amending the Civil Code to lower the age.

For its part, the justice ministry has been gathering views on the issue from a range of government agencies, and it is assessing the impact that changing the start of legal adulthood could have.

During a legislative committee meeting Thursday, the deputy justice minister said Taiwan has 197 laws and 424 regulations that reference the age of majority. He said that before any change can be made, an appropriate government agency will have to look at each of these laws and decide whether the text about reaching adulthood needs amending.    [FULL  STORY]

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