Taiwan needs to pass refugee legislation: NGO

Radio Taiwan Internatinal
Date: 19 July, 2019
By: Leslie Liao

Eeling Chiu (left)

An NGO leader has called on Taiwan to enact refugee legislation to assist asylum seekers. This comes in light of news that ten Hong Kong residents are seeking asylum in Taiwan. The ten were participants in demonstrations against a proposed bill that would allow extraditions from Hong Kong to China. All played a role in the storming of Hong Kong’s legislature.

Secretary-General of the Taiwan Association for Human Rights, Eeling Chiu, says that the government needs to establish a set of rules for helping refugees, including those from Hong Kong. During an interview with German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, Chiu said that without formal legislation dictating the asylum-seeking process, refugees are subject to the arbitrary decisions of whatever administration happens to be in power.    [FULL  STORY]

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