Taiwan News: Trami Strengthens, Defense Minister Won’t Attend US Conference

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Date: 2018/09/25
By: International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT)

The Central Weather Bureau has said Super Typhoon Trami could start

Defense Minister Yen De-fa (R) | Credit: Reuters / TPG

affecting Taiwan on Friday. However, as of now, the storm is currently not forecast to make landfall in Taiwan.

Trami is currently located some 1,000 kilometers east of Eulanbi at the island’s southernmost tip and is moving in a northwesterly direction at 12 kilometers an hour. The storm has a radius of 250 kilometers and is packing sustained wind speeds of 190 kilometers an hour, with gusts of up to 234 kilometers an hour.

The weather bureau said that, if the storm continues on its current predicted path, it will begin to veer in a more northerly direction tomorrow or Thursday and move towards the Ryukyu Islands and threaten southern Japan this weekend.

However, the storm’s outer rim is forecast to affect the northern parts of Taiwan from Friday. If Trami continues on it forecast path, it will be closest to Taiwan on Saturday.    [FULL  STORY]

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