Taiwan rail authority removes seats to enforce social distancing

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 13 April, 2020
By: Leslie Liao

A high speed rail station in Southern Taiwan needed a creative way to enforce social distancing

The Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation has had to get creative in order to enforce social distancing guidelines. They’re not playing around when it comes to keeping people apart.

The Zuoying High Speed Rail (HSR) station in Southern Taiwan tried to play nice and remind people to maintain social distance. At first, they tried to mark seats with an “X” to remind people to give each other space.

But stationmaster Liu Jun-zhe (劉俊哲) says that people didn’t abide by reminders or markers in the station. He said that any effort by staff to enforce social distancing risked turning into a conflict. 

So what happens when people don’t listen? Well, that’s when the power tools come out! When people refused to leave seats empty, the HSR went ahead and removed the middle seats. 

In their new configuration, the seats force people to comply with the 1.5 meter social distancing guidelines.    [FULL  STORY]

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