Taiwan reiterates human rights calls as China nabs more activists

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2015/07/12
By: Chou Yi-ling and Evelyn Kao

Taipei, July 12 (CNA) Taiwan’s top policymaking body on China, the Mainland Affairs

A MAC spokeswoman (CNA file photo)

A MAC spokeswoman (CNA file photo)

Council (MAC), called on Beijing on Sunday to put into practice the universal concept of human rights protection in the wake of reports that scores of Chinese human rights activists have been detained by China’s public security agencies.

Only by seeking the common ground of upholding human rights principles can the distance between the people in Taiwan and in China be bridged and long-standing relationship between the two sides be further developed, the MAC said.

At least 57 Chinese human rights attorneys and activists have been detained, questioned or have had their movements restrained and the number has been on the rise, according to overseas groups that follow China’s human rights situation.     [FULL  STORY]

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