Taiwan revises relocation regulations for mainland China citizens

Date: August 19, 2020
By: Muskan Yadav

The Taiwanese government said Monday that it has revised certain regulations to increase scrutiny of mainland Chinese citizens who are residents of Hong Kong or Macau and seek to relocate to Taiwan, ensuring they do not engage in spying or other illegal acts.

The revisions have been made to Regulations Governing Permits for Hong Kong and Macao Residents Entering the Taiwan Area and Setting up Residence or Registered Permanent Residence in R.O.C. [Republic of China, or Taiwan]. The Ministry of the Interior made the amendments with the aim of “strengthening the management” of such citizens of mainland China, Mainland Affairs Council (MAC), the government agency responsible for policymaking between Taiwan and mainland China said.

Taiwan welcomed people seeking to leave Hong Kong following the imposition of the new national security law and opened an office to help Hong Kong residents seeking asylum and opportunities move to the island in July. Officials have expressed concern that some of these people might be spies.

The MAC said that the measures aim to prevent such people from “carry[ing] out infiltration, united front [the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front Work Department tasked with co-opting overseas Chinese and non-communists], disturbance or spying activities.”

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