Taiwan Rocks RISE with Startup Team Demos – Part 2

Check out life-changing online education technology, life-saving IOT solutions, and life-altering animation tools. 

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Date: 2018/07/13
By: David Green

Photo Credit: 留榮鋒 Luke Liu for Taiwan Startup Stadium

This is part two of the Taiwan Startup Stadium Demo Day roundup from the July 12 show at RISE 2018, for part one featuring UChange2, Screea and frmH30, click here.

Revolutionizing Asian ed-tech

Hahow, which means school in Taiwanese and Cantonese, is Taiwan’s biggest online learning platform, having powered up from four co-founders working out of Taipei’s MakerBar a few years ago to a team of 38 in newly entered offices this summer.

The runaway success is driven by Hahow’s co-founder and CEO Arnold Chiang’s sharp eye for a gap in Taiwan’s education tech market and the savvy to exploit it with a unique proposition.

Cutting a somewhat professorial figure himself, Chiang is fluid when it comes to putting down his pitch: “We’re like Udemy, a consumer-to-consumer online learning platform, plus Kickstarter-style crowdfunding, Chiang says, explaining that teachers on the platform first have to pitch who they are, as well as how and what they’re going to teach, before building a course once the requisite number of students have signed up.

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