Taiwan says China fails to pay up on $8.6 billion in aid pledges to former allies

Date:  22, 2019
By: Yimou Lee

TAIPEI, Nov 22 (Reuters) – Taiwan’s foreign minister said on Friday that China had failed to deliver aid promises worth $8.6 billion and instead “exported corruption” to nations that had switched allegiance to Beijing from Taipei, amid a tug-of-war for diplomatic recognition.

China has in recent months stepped up a campaign to peel away more allies from self-ruled Taiwan, which Beijing considers its territory and so ineligible for state-to-state relations, ahead of a January presidential election in Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said Beijing had made “false” aid promises totalling $8.6 billion to several of Taiwan’s former allies, for various projects from sea ports to highways.

“To lure Taiwan’s allies to build ties with them, China often makes promises with huge amounts of money. But we realise those promises were not fulfilled,” Wu told reporters in Taipei.

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