Taiwan should not pick sides in US presidential election: KMT’s Eric Chu

Taipei Times
Date: Oct 22, 2020
By: Staff writer, with CNA

Former Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) chairman Eric Chu (朱立倫) on Tuesday said that Taiwan

Former Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) chairman Eric Chu talks to reporters in Taipei yesterday.
Photo: Lin Cheng-kung, Taipei Times

must not take sides in the US presidential election, adding that the nation’s security has to be its top priority amid a confrontation between the US and China.

“Taiwan must adhere to its own position in the face of the confrontation between the US and China. Taiwan’s national interest must be its first concern and cross-strait peace is the most important issue,” Chu said in response to media queries for comments after attending a video conference on US-China-Taiwan ties and the US presidential election hosted by Shelley Rigger, a professor at Davidson College.

Chu said he is sure that President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) is fully aware of the danger posed by Taiwan siding with either candidate in the election and warned that to do so would risk catastrophe.

US academics taking part in the meeting also urged Taiwan not to take sides in the election, he said.    [FULL  STORY]

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